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The Mayor's Thames Festival -Notting Hill Carnival - Monday - Pure Fashion Catwalk - August
Esher Shore Showdown - Snow Pics - TFP Events - Barack Obama Party - Clothes Show Live- London - Corporate event photography - Nissan Qashqai Challenge
Clothes Show Live, Celebrity photos - Celebrity Photos- Notting Hill Carnival Sunday photos - Notting Hill Carnival Monday photos
Notting Hill Carnival - Clothes Show Live, Fashion Show - Womens Fashion, Models Catwalk Show - Get Set London
- Olympic Roadshows
Olympic Roadshow, Hammersmith - Olympic Roadshow, Kingston - Olympic Roadshow, Lambeth - Olympic Roadshow, Westminster
Boxing, Newham Boys Boxing Club - Get Set London, Hammersmith - Get Set London, Kingston - Get Set London, Lambeth - Get Set London, Westminster -
Top Model of Colour Final - Notting Hill Carnival Sunday event photography - Notting Hill Carnival Monday event photography
Pure London Fashion Catwalk Show - Thames Festival event photography - Celebrity Photos for sale
The Great River Race event photography - Notting Hill Carnival Monday event photography